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Air France Boeing 707-328B & British United BAC One Eleven 1965
Watch for a TWA 707-331B, Air Canada DC-8-43, Lufthansa 727-100, etc, all in LIVING COLOUR taken at Paris Orly Airport in 1965! Source of footage is not known.

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707,  720,  Air,  Airliners,  Aviation,  BAC,  Boeing,  British,  Canada,  Classic,  DC-8,  Douglas,  France,  One-Eleven,  TWA,  United 
Location: Paris Orly Airport
Country: France       Date: 02-02-1965

Added: 3342 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 01:20 | Views: 34020 | Comments: 1
TWA Convair CV-880 & Boeing 707-131B Coke Commercial 1965
TWA Convair CV-880 & Boeing 707-131B-Coke Commercial 1965

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  Trans,  World,  Airlines,  TWA,  CV-880,  707,  Boeing,  Convair,  Douglas,  DC-8,  Classic,  Airliners 
Location: various locations
Country: United States       Date: 02-02-1965

Added: 3174 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 01:00 | Views: 33906 | Comments: 0
Classic Jetliners 1960s DVD preview JAL DC-8 CV880 TCA DC-8
Classic Jetliners 1960s DVD http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/ClassicJetsdvd.htm In the early 1960s, the world's airlines were transitioning from piston and turboprop aircraft to jet-powered aircraft. The dawn of the golden age of jet travel had arrived and global travel was...

Tags //
CV880,  CV-880,  DC-8,  DC8,  TCA,  Trans  Canada,  Japan,  JAL,  Braniff,  707,  El  Dorado 
Location: various locations
Country: United States       Date: 24-04-1965

Added: 2697 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 02:52 | Views: 33854 | Comments: 0
USAF Boeing AWACS 707 arrives at Abbotsford Airshow 2007
Henry Tenby of AirlineTV.net filmed the arrival of the USAF Boeing AWACS 707 from OKC at the 2007 Abbotsford International Airshow on August 09, 2007 in this extended 6 minute clip.

Tags //
Boeing,  707,  AWACS,  USAF,  Abbotsford  Airshow,  Henry  Tenby 
Location: Abbotsford International Airport
Country: Canada       Date: 09-08-2007

Added: 3872 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 06:03 | Views: 33661 | Comments: 1
      (1 ratings)
World Airways DC-10 & Pan Am DC-7CF & Flying Tigers 747 Freighter
World Airways DC-10 & Pan Am DC-7CF & Flying Tigers 747 Freighter and more footage from the 1970s.

Tags //
Flying  Tiger,  707,  DC-8,  Alaska,  Airlines,  Wein,  Air,  737,  727,  AA,  American,  Western,  Classic,  Airliners,  Jetliners,  Lockheed,  C-130,  L-200,  Hercules,  Trans,  International,  Continental,  DC-10,  TWA,  L-1011 
Location: various airports
Country: United States       Date: 02-02-1970

Added: 2677 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 10:15 | Views: 33625 | Comments: 0
Cargojet 727-200 landing Vancouver OCT 17 2007
Cargojet 727-200 landing Vancouver OCT 17, 2007, on wet runway conditons. Very common here in Vancouver. Filmed by AirlineTV.net cameraman Henry Tenby.

Tags //
Cargojet,  Boeing,  727,  cargo 
Location: Vancouver International Airport
Country: Canada       Date: 17-10-2007

Added: 3810 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 00:49 | Views: 33507 | Comments: 0
      (2 ratings)
News report from Japan on the final YS-11 retirement
This Japanese news report tells about the final retirement from service of the last sked airline YS-11 in Japan after some 40 years of continuous service. There is some nice old black and white historic...

Tags //
YS-11,  YS11,  NAMC,  JAC,  Japan  Air  Commuter,  retirement,  news  report 
Location: Fukuoka Airport
Country: Japan       Date: 30-09-2006

Added: 3981 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 02:49 | Views: 33477 | Comments: 0
Qantas 707 VH-EBA retires to Longreach Australia
Qantas restored Boeing 707 VH-EBA comes home to the birthplace of Qantas at Longreach, on 10th June 2007. This was the first 707 delivered to Qantas in 1959, and was restored in the UK and...

Tags //
Qantas,  Boeing,  707,  retirement,  VH-EBA,  Longreach 
Location: Longreach Airport
Country: Australia       Date: 10-06-2007

Added: 3896 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 03:23 | Views: 33465 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Miami International Airport Classic Propliners CL-44 DC-8 Boeing 707 Jets 1980s-90s (DVD Preview 2)
ORDER DVD HERE: http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/MIAdvd.html In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Miami International Airport boasted the worlds largest collection of classic propliners and vintage Boeing 707 and DC-8 jetliners. Back then, Miami was the undisputed...

Tags //
Boeing  707,  DC-8,  propliner,  DC-4,  DC-6,  Lockheed  L-188  Electra,  Constellation,  CV240,  CV580,  Canadair,  CL-44,  Eddy  Gual,  Cubana,  An-2,  Antonov  24,  An-24,  KC-97,  Andover,  G-I 
Location: Miami International Airport
Country: United States       Date: 25-03-1988

Added: 3118 days ago by
Henry Tenby
Runtime: 01:25 | Views: 33331 | Comments: 0
LADE Argentina 65 years PART 1 (in Spanish)
LADE Argentina is the State run airline operation operated by the Argentine Air Force. This Spanish language film produced in 2005 documents the 65th anniversary of the company, which was founded in 1940. Nice footage...

Tags //
LADE,  F27,  707,  DC-4,  Junkers 
Location: various locations in Argentina
Country: Argentina      

Added: 4028 days ago by
Ken Sayers
Runtime: 06:22 | Views: 33303 | Comments: 0
  (1 ratings)
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