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Problaby this is my shot of 2012. The AirBridge Cargo B747 had an amazing landing in full rain and windpower 5. It was raining since 13pm. Before going home I decided to go out of my car,was wet within 10 seconds and made this astonishing shot
2339 days ago    23012 views     Valk Aviation
Very early in the morning with misty landings,wingvortexes,cloud condensation and a beautiful sunrise at AMS
2348 days ago    22586 views     Valk Aviation
Videographing at 5am, at the head of runway 18R with very beautifull wingvortexes. It promised to get the footages as wanted.
2323 days ago    22265 views     Valk Aviation
Channels: Boeing
When the Delta A330's are on final for runway 18R the KLM B747 appears with her last turn right for intercepting the ILS.
2278 days ago    20195 views     Valk Aviation
The day started with a beautiful sunrise by landings at runway 06 Amsterdam Airport.
2370 days ago    19046 views     Valk Aviation
Channels: Fokker, Boeing
Three Boeing 777's departing by night at runway 18L.
2309 days ago    19013 views     Valk Aviation
Channels: Boeing
To be proud at our national airport Schiphol Amsterdam. With all her runway's,6 in total and providing us with a great diversity of footages.
2332 days ago    18989 views     Valk Aviation
Last week my special friend Jennifer did visit me for the first time in Holland. This because of our project
2240 days ago    18654 views     Valk Aviation
Channels: Airbus Industrie
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