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Atlas 747 pulling up to the gate at BWI Baltimore, bringing in US Troops from Ramstein Air Base. March, 2013
2339 days ago    10538 views     radioandtrainman
Channels: Boeing
ORDER DVD HERE: http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/747flighttest.html This 81 minute DVD takes the viewer back to the late 1960s, to examine first hand Boeing's efforts to woo customers for their new jet. This is the remarkable story of perhaps the greatest commercial airliner ever built. All aspects of the early development and flight test of the Boeing 747 are covered from initial design studies, proof of concept, to design, engine test, passenger handling, roll-out, first flight, and the extensive flight test program. As the footage is in many cases over forty years old, the image quality is not up to digital media standards that we are used to today. That said, the Boeing 747 story has rarely been told as extensively as presented on this special DVD, and we are confident that the historical importance of the material more than compensates for the less-than-perfect image quality of the day. We hope you will agree!
2339 days ago    13446 views     Henry Tenby
Channels: Boeing
Chapman Freeborn Airchartering arranged a charter of a B747-200F to transport 73 showjumping horses from the Netherlands to a major showcase event in Doha, Qatar. The horses made the return trip to Doha from Maastricht Aachen Airport, for whom the operation represented the single biggest movement of horses they have done to date. The aircraft configuration was adapted so the horses could be accompanied by a team of 13 grooms and a vet, to further ensure their safety and well-being during the flight. www.chapman-freeborn.com
3911 days ago    19676 views     Henry Tenby
This CP Air TV advertisement from 1983 features the CP Air Boeing 737 and 747 in the classic CP Air orange and red colours.
3986 days ago    30652 views     Henry Tenby
A short clip showing flight test air-to-air footage of the Evergreen Air Boeing 747-100 waterbomber releasing it fire fighting water payload for an air-to-air photo chase plane.
         4469 days ago    31174 views     Ken Sayers
This film clip is about the world's most powerful jet engine, being developed by GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE), which is being flight tested aboard GEAE's unique Boeing 747 Flying Testbed in Mojave, California. The engine is being developed to support for the Boeing 777-300ER.
4164 days ago    28665 views     Ken Sayers
Channels: Boeing
The Boeing 747-209F of Kalitta Air landing at AMS filmed by Alex Alberto.
3955 days ago    26713 views     Henry Tenby
Channels: Boeing
ORDER DVD: http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/L1011flighttest.html "Watch out Boeing and Douglas .. because we're after you." In the late 1960s, it became apparent to Lockheed that a gap existed in the market between the high capacity, intercontinental Boeing 747, and the older 707s and DC-8s. Medium range aircraft like the 737, 727 and DC-9 were too small to economically service larger and longer domestic US routes, and the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar was developed to fill the gap. This limited edition DVD tells the story of the Lockheed L-1011 like it has never been told. Order your DVD today.
2339 days ago    14212 views     Henry Tenby
Channels: Lockheed
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