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AirlineHobby.com DVDs feature classic airliners like the 707

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This video features flight deck and air to air footage of the Canadian Airlines International Boeing 747-400.
Added: 1286 days ago by herman
Location: inflight
Country: Canada      Date: 02-02-1990
Views: 14619 | Comments: 0
Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767 crash landing in the ocean after hijacking
Added: 2320 days ago by theguillecompany
Location: sadm
Country: Argentina      Date: 07-05-2005
Views: 12077 | Comments: 0
Visit: http://www.AircraftDisplayModels.com A visit to the Anthony Lawler airline display model collection. In this video clip Anthony presents the following models: Fokker F22, Verkuyl Fokker F7, Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-8 by Verkuyl, and a Comet in...
Added: 172 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: California
Country: United States      Date: 05-05-2013
Views: 353 | Comments: 0
Aeroflot Tupelov TU-114 arriving at Idelwild airport... Aeroflot Tupelov TU-114 arriving at Idelwild airport in 1959! The aircraft was put into regularly scheduled passenger service in 1961. Fascinating story concerning Krushchev's return flight to Russia in the...
Added: 2308 days ago by
Location: New York City
Country: United States      Date: 26-09-1959
Views: 10187 | Comments: 0
On February 1, 1991, Yellowkife-based Air Canada Connector NWT Air operated Canada’s last passenger Lockheed L188 Electra scheduled service. Combi Electra C-FIJV operated the Yellowknife-Coppermine-Cambride-Coppermine-Yellowknife routing under the command of Captain John Sorenson and his...
Added: 2931 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Yellowknife, Coppermine, Cambridge Bay, NWT
Country: Canada      Date: 02-02-1991
Views: 15848 | Comments: 0
Some very rare footage of an Aeronaves de Mexico Britannia from the late 1950s.
Added: 1988 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: Mexico City
Country: Mexico      Date: 02-02-1959
Views: 13281 | Comments: 2
Qantas Boeing 707 England to Australia 2006 (part 2): This is part 2 of a 30 minute report on the resurrection and return flight from Southend to Australia of an original Qantas Boeing 707-138B. The...
Added: 2839 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: Southend Airport
Country: United Kingdom     
Views: 17917 | Comments: 0
Nice night time footage of a Japan Air Commuter YS-11 JA8766 departing Fukuoka Airport. High quality footage shot on a trypod.
Added: 2831 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: Fukuoka Airport
Country: Japan      Date: 27-09-2006
Views: 17268 | Comments: 0
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