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The last Vickers Vanguard (merchantman) in the world, G-APEP successfully runs up all four of her Tyne engines at Brooklands Museum on October 14, 2006. The aircraft is engine run and taxied regularly. This clip...
Added: 3960 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: Brooklands Airport
Country: United Kingdom      Date: 14-10-2006
Views: 28012 | Comments: 1
Dan-Air action filmed at LGW 1977 videographer not known.
Added: 2437 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: London Gatwick
Country: United Kingdom      Date: 02-02-1977
Views: 18129 | Comments: 0
High Energy Laser (400kW) mounted on USAF C-135 shooting down an air-to-air missile. Probably from the early 1980s or late 1970s.
Added: 3548 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: inflight
Country: United States      Date: 28-04-1980
Views: 29670 | Comments: 0
BUY THIS DVD HERE: http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/IST2007Part2DVD.html This two part DVD was filmed live at Istanbul Ataturk Airport in October, 2007, which also features the last of the Russian airliners to serve this airport. This video highlights the...
Added: 1766 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Istanbul Airport
Country: Turkey      Date: 30-10-2007
Views: 13511 | Comments: 0
USAF B-36, B-60 and B-52 newsreel footage
Added: 3535 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: various locations
Country: United States      Date: 02-02-1953
Views: 19880 | Comments: 0
This video was filmed during the 1993 YVR Airline Expo which was an airline collectibles show held at the River Inn in May of that year. The show was organized by Henry Tenby with help...
Added: 3294 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Delta River Inn in Richmond, BC
Country: Canada     
Views: 26800 | Comments: 0
http://henrytenby.com/DVDs/vacuumdvd.html In this 2 hour instructional DVD, Clinton H. Groves explains in great detail how to successfully build vacuum formed aircraft models. Clint Groves was the founder and President of ATP, which specialized in the sale...
Added: 3462 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: San Jose, CA,
Country: United States      Date: 27-03-1988
Views: 24597 | Comments: 0
This black and white advert was produced by American Airlines in the 1960s to promote California as a holiday destination. The American Airlines 707 landing sequence at the end of the clip is the star...
Added: 3880 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: London
Country: United Kingdom     
Views: 51164 | Comments: 0
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