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A nice collection of clips of Ilyushin IL62 and IL86 aircraft landing at Moscow
Added: 4316 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation      Date: 24-05-2002
Views: 21639 | Comments: 1
A very groovey Lufthansa ad promoting their service to Germany and Hamburg in the late 1960s, complete with topless go-go dancers. You wouldn't see Lufthansa or any other Star Alliance airline putting out an ad...
Added: 4564 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: Hamburg Reiperbahn
Country: Germany     
Views: 25994 | Comments: 1
ORDER DVD HERE: http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/747flighttest.html This 81 minute DVD takes the viewer back to the late 1960s, to examine first hand Boeing's efforts to woo customers for their new jet. This is the remarkable story of perhaps...
Added: 2369 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Seattle, WA
Country: United States      Date: 04-03-1969
Views: 13473 | Comments: 0
Martin Mars newsreels from the late 1940s.
Added: 3986 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: various locations
Country: United States      Date: 02-02-1946
Views: 21858 | Comments: 0
I do not know who produced this video but it is a collection of videos that feature Argentine Air Force Boeing 707 clips.
Added: 3924 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: various locations
Country: Argentina      Date: 29-11-2002
Views: 31593 | Comments: 0
DHC-2 Beaver #274, c/s C-GHCT, Lake Lovelywater, BC, 1981 09 16. I refer to this video in the title as an "accident" in the sense that the intention, as is the case in any landing,...
Added: 3838 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Lake Lovelywater, BC
Country: Canada      Date: 16-09-1981
Views: 19893 | Comments: 0
Canadian astronaut and Armed Forces flighter pilot Col. Chris Hadfield is interviewed by AirlineTV.net's Alan Robertson about the restored Hawk One Canadair Sabre at the Abbotsford Airshow 2009. The Hawke One Sabre will be flown...
Added: 3691 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Abbotsford Airshow 2009
Country: Canada      Date: 06-08-2009
Views: 25680 | Comments: 0
Part of a MUST HAVE "History Of Braniff" DVD, which can be purchased at http://braniffpages.com Here we have the one-off DC-8-62 in the livery designed by Alexander Calder. Calder also did a Bicentennial theme on...
Added: 3941 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Dallas Love Field
Country: United States      Date: 02-02-1973
Views: 26104 | Comments: 0
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