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Varig retired their Lockheed Electras on JAN 2 1992 and this Brazilian tv newscast marks the retirement of the Electra from Varig service.
Added: 4686 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil      Date: 02-01-1992
Views: 28445 | Comments: 2
This is a vice promotional video from Lufthansa showing a brief look at the aircraft used during the past 50 years, including the Connie, 707, 727, 737, 747 and more.
Added: 4622 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: various locations in Germany
Country: Germany     
Views: 40325 | Comments: 0
An American Airlines DC-10 crash lands on the 405 freeway in LA in this fictional account of a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Probably the single most amazing aspect of 405...
Added: 4581 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Country: United States     
Views: 42595 | Comments: 1
This film clip is about the world's most powerful jet engine, being developed by GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE), which is being flight tested aboard GEAE's unique Boeing 747 Flying Testbed in Mojave, California. The engine...
Added: 4253 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: Mojave Airport
Country: United States      Date: 22-07-2007
Views: 28740 | Comments: 0
EVA Air Boeing 747-400 landing YVR on a nice summer evening in July 2006. You can hear the crickets in the background.
Added: 4700 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Vancouver International Airport
Country: Canada      Date: 20-07-2006
Views: 28626 | Comments: 0
Boeing 777 and 747SP cross-wind testing video clip.
Added: 4700 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Moses Lake, WA
Country: Canada      Date: 05-05-1993
Views: 26314 | Comments: 0
This DVD is available from AirlineHobby.com DVDs. These 1950s era films capture the development, manufacture, flight test, and airline operations of the Boeing 707 and 720. All of the early Boeing 707 and 720 customers...
Added: 4682 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Various US locations
Country: United States      Date: 16-03-1960
Views: 32773 | Comments: 0
Neat cockpit footage from a Piper Cub on tundra tires landing on a river bank in Alaska.
Added: 4699 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: Alaska bush riverbank
Country: United States      Date: 25-03-2003
Views: 26023 | Comments: 0
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