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Videographers Henry Tenby and Anthony Hickey from AirlineHobby.com DVDs visited Honeywell's Boeing 720 flighttest operation in Phoenix in early February, 2007. Over 16 hours of SH and HD video footage was shot during the visit,...
Added: 3409 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Inflight near Sidona, AZ
Country: United States      Date: 07-02-2007
Views: 21301 | Comments: 0
A very groovey Lufthansa ad promoting their service to Germany and Hamburg in the late 1960s, complete with topless go-go dancers. You wouldn't see Lufthansa or any other Star Alliance airline putting out an ad...
Added: 3384 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: Hamburg Reiperbahn
Country: Germany     
Views: 19483 | Comments: 1
Visit: http://www.AircraftDisplayModels.com A visit to the Anthony Lawler airline display model collection. In this video clip Anthony presents the following models: Swissair wooden in house model of a Convair 240, a 1/50 scale Convair 240, a...
Added: 685 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: California
Country: United States      Date: 05-05-2013
Views: 2838 | Comments: 0
Just a few shots of what the average "spotter" can see at one of the "plane spotter's places" in Amsterdam. Filmed by Alex Alberto.
Added: 2805 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Amsterdam Airport
Country: Netherlands      Date: 02-02-2002
Views: 13118 | Comments: 0
Classic Jetliners 1960s DVD http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/ClassicJetsdvd.htm In the early 1960s, the world's airlines were transitioning from piston and turboprop aircraft to jet-powered aircraft. The dawn of the golden age of jet travel had arrived and global travel was...
Added: 2060 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: various locations
Country: United States      Date: 24-04-1965
Views: 23471 | Comments: 0
BOAC Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Heathrow Action 1955
Added: 1739 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: London Heathrow
Country: United Kingdom      Date: 02-02-1955
Views: 16310 | Comments: 0
Awesome (Albeit, short) promo film for the XF-92A.
Added: 2537 days ago by Ken Sayers
Location: various locations
Country: United States      Date: 02-02-1953
Views: 21189 | Comments: 0
This short newsclip from Italian TV explains the hijacking of a Yak-42 in Libya.
Added: 2837 days ago by Henry Tenby
Location: Tripoli
Country: Libya      Date: 26-04-2007
Views: 9791 | Comments: 0
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