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Air France Boeing 707-328 with Dion Di Mucci singing Ruby Ruby in 1962

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Comments (1)
craviola990 (2256 days ago)
The name of the song is "Ruby Baby", not Ruby Ruby BTW.\r\n\r\nYou usually snag my liner notes along with my videos, so I'm surprised you got this wrong, LOL!\r\n\r\nHey Ken; how about sending some videos my way, huh??? I put alot, and I mean ALOT of effort into digging up these videos, and I don't even get an invitation to upload them here, I just see all my nard work here! And everytime, it's Ken Sayers, Ken Sayers, Ken Sayers.\r\n\r\nSo, I ask again, how about sending some videos my way. Maybe you want to sit through 2 hour long movies you don't like, just to chop out 8 seconds of CV-880.\r\n\r\nWill you do it for me??? Are you "Up" for that challenge, or maybe we'll just keep things the way they are, with me doing all the hard work, and you just hitting "Upload". You like that, don't you?\r\n\r\nGod knows I've been doing it for you!!! LOL, LOL, LOL.\r\n\r\nOr...maybe your just too lazy to search for all these videos yourself?? Maybe I'm wrong, don't know.
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Video Info
Added by Ken Sayers
November 26, 2015

Air France Boeing 707-328 with Dion Di Mucci singing Ruby Ruby in 1962. Nice interior cabin footage and out the window wing and engine views.

Runtime: 02:37

Views: 19319

Location: various locations

Country: United States

Date: 02-02-1962

Channels: Out the window views,  Classic jetliners 

Tags: Air  France,  Boeing  707 

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