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Boeing 747 Development & Flight Test DVD

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Added by Henry Tenby
December 11, 2019

ORDER THIS DVD AT: http://www.henrytenby.com/DVDs/747flighttest.html This 81 minute DVD takes the viewer back to the late 1960s, to examine first hand Boeing's efforts to woo customers for their new jet. This is the remarkable story of perhaps the greatest commercial airliner ever built. All aspects of the early development and flight test of the Boeing 747 are covered from initial design studies, proof of concept, to design, engine test, passenger handling, roll-out, first flight, and the extensive flight test program. As the footage is in many cases over forty years old, the image quality is not up to digital media standards that we are used to today. That said, the Boeing 747 story has rarely been told as extensively as presented on this special DVD, and we are confident that the historical importance of the material more than compensates for the less-than-perfect image quality of the day. We hope you will agree!

Runtime: 02:43

Views: 12087

Location: Boeing Field, New York

Country: United States

Date: 02-02-1969

Channels: Boeing 

Tags: Boeing,  747 

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